Valuation Normal for Mid-Cycle Period

While not as headline-catching as some of the doom and gloom market predictions currently circulating, our indicators suggest that the equity markets are fairly valued and are in the midst of a mid-cycle environment.

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The Dollar isn’t the Peso anymore (Part II)

The US dollar rally is in its seventh year and we expect this trend to continue.  Many observers, including the Fed, continue to worry about inflation.  However, we think  a strong USD and disinflation/deflation seem more likely than inflation so long as global overcapacity forces nations to fight for market share and depreciate their currencies.

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Bonds or Jeter?

In baseball, batters choose to either swing for the fences in hopes of a home run or go for more consistent base hits.  These same principles are highly relevant to the current market environment and long-term investment success.  So, see if you really want home run hitters in your portfolio? 

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Are MLP returns correlated to oil prices? You bet they are!

Think MLPs are a diversifier against the energy sector?  Think again!  The recent decline in the price of oil has many investors worried, however, they seem to be less concerned with its impact on MLPs than they should be.

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Grease and Greece

With the Eurozone and energy sector concerns dominating 2015's headlines, see what RBA believes could be the real surprises facing both Greece and Grease.

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2015 Year Ahead: Continuing to deflate the global credit bubble

Curious about where RBA believes the market will be heading for the year ahead? As always, opportunities exist during times of great uncertainty, and 2015 will be no different.  We see the deflation of the credit bubble as the key market driver for 2015, with credit-related asset classes vastly underperforming while stocks have the potential to truly deliver. 

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Richard Bernstein at Redwood Global Markets Outlook 

Richard Bernstein discusses RBA's unique approach to investing at the 2014 Redwood Asset Management Global Markets Outlook in Toronto, Canada.

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Tired of being scared yet?

We have gathered a subjective list of fifty concerns in this cycle’s “wall of worry”. One has to wonder when investors will grow tired of being so scared.

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