RBA Special Report - Post-election Bulletin #1: The morning after

Read our update on the election.

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"Innovation" and "Disruption" are "BS"

With massive flows to Tech and VC, investors should be wary of investing in "innovation" or "disruption". It’s profits not hype that ultimately determine equity returns.

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Vaccine Dreams?

There’s plenty of investor optimism surrounding vaccines but portfolios need to allow for potential disappointment.

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Charts for the Beach

This year our annual summertime report, “Charts for the Beach”, visually highlights newsworthy issues that aren’t yet in the news.

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Ooh Baby Baby, It’s a Wild World

Black swans are swimming in flocks. We highlight today’s biggest black -and white- swans that can hurt -or help- your portfolio.

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There's perma-bulls. There's perma-bears. And then there's us.

A perma-bull is always bullish. A perma-bear is always bearish. These extreme positions seem based largely on guessing an outcome rather than a thoughtful analysis of the fundamentals. But RBA’s strategy has always been to alter our positioning as fundamentals change. And we're doing just that.

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Q&A with Rich Bernstein

Get up-to-date insights on RBA’s views and positioning in this special Q&A with Rich.

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FOMO vs. Fundamentals

2019’s weakening fundamental backdrop provided poor footing for the market when the dual black swans of COVID-19 and an oil shock hit the economy. But investors need to remember to stay dispassionate and follow the fundamentals instead of being distracted by short-term market momentum.

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