Uncertainty = Opportunity

Market volatility is currently making front-page headlines, but investors should look past the noise and objectively focus on the fundamentals.  With this in mind, RBA sees opportunities in these uncertain markets.

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Charts for the Beach 2015

We've put together five of our favorite non-consensus charts that are perfect reading material for a sunny day at the beach.

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Embrace, Don't Fear, Illiquid Asset ETFs

Our research suggests that while many are fearful of the unknown, investors should embrace, not fear, illiquid asset ETFs.

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The Black Widow Returns

High dividend yield can be like a black widow; Alluring and irresistible, but ultimately quite risky. See why.

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Global investing is changing

The global investing landscape is changing and your portfolio should as well. A strong US dollar can have significant consequences for US dollar-based investors' foreign exposure and now is the time to consider the impact currency can have in a global portfolio.

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Rich Bernstein on BNN

The Bull market entering sixth inning: Bernstein

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ETF Report- Hype or High Yield?

ETF.com's Cinthia Murphy sits down with Rich to discuss what is truly driving the markets.

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Time to look at South Korea

The continued deflation of the global credit bubble has led to widespread overcapacity which is forcing countries to fight for market share.  South Korean stocks might benefit from this developing and important secular backdrop.

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