Charts for the beach

While you're busy working on that perfect beach tan, don't forget to read our Charts for the beach!

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Rabidly risk averse

Fear of market volatility and a repeat of 2008/09 have led many investors toward becoming overly cautious.  Investors who cling to ‘safe’ investments might soon realize that there are unforeseen risks in being extremely risk averse.

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What a difference a day week makes

With the Brexit vote behind us, it's amazing what a difference a day week makes.

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A short comment on Brexit

Our views on Brexit.

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Earnings-driven bull market

We think the profits recession has troughed and are in a late-cycle earnings-driven bull market.

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Still no one wants to play

The current bull market is now the second longest in the post-war era, but investors remain fearful of joining in. Our research suggests investors should be more bullish. As Wayne Gretzsky said, “ You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

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This time isn't different

At RBA, our extensive research on cycles suggest markets rarely deviate from history and that fundamentals, not noise, drive stocks.  Therefore, we remind everyone that this time isn’t different. 

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Five Unique Themes

RBA’s disciplined investment process tends to lead to differentiated positioning within our portfolios. Our focus on profit cycles, liquidity, and sentiment has once again led us to some distinctive investment themes.

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