This time isn't different

At RBA, our extensive research on cycles suggest markets rarely deviate from history and that fundamentals, not noise, drive stocks.  Therefore, we remind everyone that this time isn’t different. 

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Five Unique Themes

RBA’s disciplined investment process tends to lead to differentiated positioning within our portfolios. Our focus on profit cycles, liquidity, and sentiment has once again led us to some distinctive investment themes.

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No one ever grew wealth being scared

Current volatility seems to present a great opportunity for investors to better position themselves for growth  rather than remain fearful wallflowers.  No one ever grew wealth sitting out the dance.

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Location, Location, Location

When the global economy was binging on credit, it was fine to invest in marginal locations’ equity markets. However, as the global economy slowed, those fringe markets have disappointed, and “location, location, location” has proved as important to equity performance as it is in real estate.

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Introducing Asset Allocation 2.0 

Global markets are experiencing a major paradigm shift, which has rendered traditional asset allocation models all but obsolete. In order to attain true diversification investors must abandon the past and embrace the new. Introducing Asset Allocation 2.0TM

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2016 - Mute the TV 

With 2016 right around the corner, investors should remember that it rarely helps portfolio performance to listen to the 24-hour news cycle and Presidential candidates’ rhetoric.  We’d rather invest for our clients based on a rigorous analysis of data, which currently suggests the US economy is in considerably better shape than recent campaigning suggests. For 2016, it’s time to mute the TV and focus on fundamentals, not noise.

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Taking Grounders In Spring Training

If there’s one thing that all of ‘the greats’ throughout history have in common, it’s a mastery of the fundamentals.  Grammy award winning singers warm their voices up before every performance and Hall Of Fame baseball players take grounders every spring training. Unfortunately, investors continue to focus on noise instead of the basics of investing. 

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Is the Sky Really Falling?

While most investors remain hesitant to make a move, the recent market correction created a great entry for savvy investors.  One must ask themselves if this is the beginning of the end or merely a bump in the road of a continued bull market.

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