February 11, 2016 was more important than November 8.

Many investors believe that November 8th was the catalyst for recent market performance, however, fundamentals began improving much earlier. Remember, it’s profits, not politics that matters.

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Pactive® investing

Historical studies show individual investors are very poor asset allocators, and are undoubtedly no better at selecting ETFs. At RBA, our Pactive® Management portfolios combine the benefits of low-fee, transparent and liquid passive investments with RBA’s asset allocation expertise.

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What's in your ETF portfolio?

Many investors don’t realize that the main sources of returns for “Factor ETFs” often have little to do with their named factor. RBA’s process of X-raying ETFs uncovers what’s truly driving performance in ETF portfolios.

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It's checkers not chess

While many investors ascribe recent market performance solely to a post-election surprise, we argue that there’s a simpler explanation. Remember, it’s checkers not chess.

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2017 - Inflation returns

2017 is all about inflation. As many investors hold onto the notion of “lower for longer”, we recognize that re-inflation will likely take hold in the New Year and those positioned for an improving global economy will benefit.

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The Opportunity Cost Keeps Growing and Growing

Fears of a repeat 2008 bear market are causing many investors to remain wallflowers during the second longest bull market of the post-war period. We argue, this fear is unfounded and the opportunity cost of avoiding equities keeps growing and growing.

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It ain't just the Fed

Bears might blame the bull market on the Fed, but it’s improving fundamentals that keep it on course. It ain’t just the Fed.

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"New normal": Not new. Just normal.

While investors continue to believe that equities remain in a ‘low return environment’, our research indicates current equity returns are historically quite normal.  Instead, we argue that investors’ poor asset allocation has given the impression that portfolio returns have been lower than normal.

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