The Opportunity Cost Keeps Growing and Growing

Fears of a repeat 2008 bear market are causing many investors to remain wallflowers during the second longest bull market of the post-war period. We argue, this fear is unfounded and the opportunity cost of avoiding equities keeps growing and growing.

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It ain't just the Fed

Bears might blame the bull market on the Fed, but it’s improving fundamentals that keep it on course. It ain’t just the Fed.

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"New normal": Not new. Just normal.

While investors continue to believe that equities remain in a ‘low return environment’, our research indicates current equity returns are historically quite normal.  Instead, we argue that investors’ poor asset allocation has given the impression that portfolio returns have been lower than normal.

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Charts for the beach

While you're busy working on that perfect beach tan, don't forget to read our Charts for the beach!

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Rabidly risk averse

Fear of market volatility and a repeat of 2008/09 have led many investors toward becoming overly cautious.  Investors who cling to ‘safe’ investments might soon realize that there are unforeseen risks in being extremely risk averse.

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What a difference a day week makes

With the Brexit vote behind us, it's amazing what a difference a day week makes.

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A short comment on Brexit

Our views on Brexit.

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Earnings-driven bull market

We think the profits recession has troughed and are in a late-cycle earnings-driven bull market.

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