Be your portfolio's designated driver

Investors have remained on the sidelines for most of this 10+ year bull market, yet FOMO is leading many to join the party late. In this late cycle environment, one should consider sobering up before the punch bowl is taken away.

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Doomed to repeat the Tech Bubble?

Investors’ current enthusiasm for piling money into next great tech unicorn is ominously reminiscent of March 2000.  Might we be doomed to repeat the Tech Bubble?  

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You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it lend

The Fed’s constant balancing act between easing and tightening monetary policy is intended to influence banks’ lending habits, but as the old axiom goes; you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it lend.

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Year Ahead: 2019-Part II: Fundamentals Ultimately Rule

We think it’s better to position our portfolios based on 2019 fundamentals than structuring them by looking backward at December 2018’s volatility.

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Year Ahead: 2019-Part I: High Anxiety?

Public policy can be corporate-friendly or corporate-unfriendly.  But what if it's corporate-uncertain?  Then investors are faced with volatility.  Part I of our Year Ahead investigates the current corporate-uncertain environment. 

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Debt, Deficits, and Decay

The US government's debt problem isn't new.  It has been steadily growing for nearly 40 years, and growing interest expense has secularly weighed down domestic economic growth.  Why has this happened and how do we fix it?

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The realities of diversification

Most investors purchase insurance for their homes, vehicles and health, but rarely expand the practice to their investment portfolios. At RBA, we diversify our portfolios using negatively correlated asset classes, but just like insurance, it comes with a premium.

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Looking for risk in all the wrong places

Investors seem overly concerned about equity market volatility, but ignore the growing risks in fixed-income and seem oblivious to the bonds’ already multi-year underperformance. One might say they are looking for risk in all the wrong places.

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