Invest like a chameleon: Change your colors as the environment changes

Decreasing liquidity implies increasing volatility. Like a chameleon, investors must change their color to a new market environment.

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Charts for the Beach 2019

Unprecedented market uncertainty is leading many investors to focus on the markets more than ever, but are they focusing on the right things? For our annual August report, Charts for the Beach, we highlight 5 charts that consensus is currently overlooking.

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Investing by the rear-view mirror

Most investors know the ubiquitous disclosure, “Past performance is not a guarantee of future results”, but rarely follow that advice in practice. At RBA, we focus on forward-looking analyses to drive our decision making rather than investing by the rear-view mirror.

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Profits not Politics

One wayward tweet can send the markets spiraling in the short term, but RBA knows that in the long term, profits determine the direction of the markets, not politics.  

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Duration = Risk

Investors remain fixated on longer-duration bonds even as their risk increases. Duration is a measure of risk and myopically focusing on the long end of the curve while it appears to be significantly overvalued may prove fruitless.

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Be your portfolio's designated driver

Investors have remained on the sidelines for most of this 10+ year bull market, yet FOMO is leading many to join the party late. In this late cycle environment, one should consider sobering up before the punch bowl is taken away.

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Doomed to repeat the Tech Bubble?

Investors’ current enthusiasm for piling money into next great tech unicorn is ominously reminiscent of March 2000.  Might we be doomed to repeat the Tech Bubble?  

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You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it lend

The Fed’s constant balancing act between easing and tightening monetary policy is intended to influence banks’ lending habits, but as the old axiom goes; you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it lend.

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