Non-US groups reaped fruits of Bush tax cuts

Continuation of the Bush tax cuts has been the subject of much discussion in US political and economic circles. Those on the right object to most forms of increasing government revenue, while the left wants to narrow disparities of income and wealth.

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The Bush Tax Cuts: Investment Implications

There has been considerable discussion recently regarding the continuation of the Bush tax cuts. Much of that discussion seems to be based on philosophical differences, not on economic facts.

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The US is Cheap

The US stock market is cheap. That doesn’t mean that a sustainable bull market is at hand, but the US appears to us to be quite undervalued when viewed in isolation, and fairly valued when compared to global markets.

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Mid-Year Review

Last December, we issued our 10 predictions for 2010. As it is now mid-year, it’s time to review those predictions and see how they have fared so far.

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Muni Metamorphosis

We have pointed out for many years that fewer and fewer asset classes provide diversification to an equity portfolio. Now, it appears as though the already short list of diversifying asset classes has lost another member: municipal bonds.

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Keeping Focused Despite the Volatility

Volatility has recently increased within the global equity markets. The VIX Index (an indicator of expectations of future equity market volatility) jumped to a high of over 40 in early-May from about 15 in mid-April. Many observers had discussed the possibility of a stock market correction, but investors should not lose sight of the broader macroeconomic fundamentals.

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The Start of Something Small

In this article, Mr. Bernstein argues that the ongoing change in stock market leadership, from emerging markets and China to US small cap stocks, is well-grounded in historical precedent and may have broad implications for strategic investment allocations over the coming decade.

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Top 10 Market Predictions for 2010

In this article, Mr. Bernstein shares his Top 10 forecasts for how the financial markets will shape up in 2010.

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