Quick Thoughts on China

The coronavirus is a serious issue and there is nothing positive to say about it. However, investors must dispassionately assess the investment risks and opportunities. Because RBA has significant positions in Chinese equities, we thought it appropriate to share our brief thoughts.

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If it quacks like a bubble...

Read our newest Insights report, “If it quacks like a bubble…”, to learn what market leaders we think might “pop” in the future.

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Investing for December 31, 2029: The End of Globalization

As the 2010's come to a close, we're exploring the potential changes to investment themes over the next decade that investors should consider.

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Please stop saying everyone is so bearish

Throughout this 10-year bull market, investors have been overly cautious toward equity markets and ignored “new highs”. Now in this late-cycle market environment, investors are piling into cyclicality, private equity and venture capital. It’s time to stop saying everyone is so bearish.

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Dusting off the "fire extinguishers"

Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are critical safety devices. But investors in every cycle ignore the markets’ warning signals regarding risk. Rather than ignore the warnings, we are dusting of and priming the traditional portfolio “fire extinguishers”.

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Invest like a chameleon: Change your colors as the environment changes

Decreasing liquidity implies increasing volatility. Like a chameleon, investors must change their color to a new market environment.

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Charts for the Beach 2019

Unprecedented market uncertainty is leading many investors to focus on the markets more than ever, but are they focusing on the right things? For our annual August report, Charts for the Beach, we highlight 5 charts that consensus is currently overlooking.

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Investing by the rear-view mirror

Most investors know the ubiquitous disclosure, “Past performance is not a guarantee of future results”, but rarely follow that advice in practice. At RBA, we focus on forward-looking analyses to drive our decision making rather than investing by the rear-view mirror.

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