There's perma-bulls. There's perma-bears. And then there's us.

A perma-bull is always bullish. A perma-bear is always bearish. These extreme positions seem based largely on guessing an outcome rather than a thoughtful analysis of the fundamentals. But RBA’s strategy has always been to alter our positioning as fundamentals change. And we're doing just that.

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Q&A with Rich Bernstein

Get up-to-date insights on RBA’s views and positioning in this special Q&A with Rich.

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FOMO vs. Fundamentals

2019’s weakening fundamental backdrop provided poor footing for the market when the dual black swans of COVID-19 and an oil shock hit the economy. But investors need to remember to stay dispassionate and follow the fundamentals instead of being distracted by short-term market momentum.

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What to do when black swans swim.

Coronavirus is a global pandemic that few if any could have predicted, but it’s deteriorating fundamentals throughout 2019 into 2020 that set the table for the recent extreme market volatility. Now that volatility has clearly arrived , what‘s the strategy when black swans swim?

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RBA Special Report - Virus

Read our update on Coronavirus.

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Some things to watch other than viruses

The coronavirus has the sad potential to be a human tragedy, but investors should not myopically focus solely on the potential pandemic. There are many fundamental issues that investors seem to be ignoring. We believe these fundamentals ultimately drive market performance.

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Quick Thoughts on China

The coronavirus is a serious issue and there is nothing positive to say about it. However, investors must dispassionately assess the investment risks and opportunities. Because RBA has significant positions in Chinese equities, we thought it appropriate to share our brief thoughts.

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If it quacks like a bubble...

Read our newest Insights report, “If it quacks like a bubble…”, to learn what market leaders we think might “pop” in the future.

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