The Financial Times - Turn America into a giant 'enterprise zone'

The Financial Times article by Richard Bernstein. Originally published in The Financial Times on October 19, 2011.

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RBA and Eaton Vance launch a second open end fund

Eaton Vance Management announces the launch of the Eaton Vance Richard Bernstein All Asset Strategy Fund.

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American Industrial Renaissance

The “American Industrial Renaissance” remains one of our favorite investment themes. We prefer to implement this theme through small US-centric industrial companies and small financial institutions that lend to public and private industrial firms. 

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Registered Rep. - The Ten to Watch 2012

Registered Rep. names Richard Bernstein among the "Ten to Watch 2012".

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Forbes - Capital-Starved Small-Cap Sector Provides Immense Investing Opportunity

Forbes interviews Richard Bernstein on his global market outlook. Originally published in Forbes on August 16, 2011.

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Everyone forgot the basic laws of economics

The consensus over the past month or so was that Washington would come to a last minute debt limit resolution and the equity markets would rally once the the cloud of uncertainty regarding the US's finances was removed. Washington did come to its last minute resolution, but the markets have sold off, what happened?

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Commodity Caution

The overwhelmingly bullish consensus regarding the emerging markets should be worrisome to even the most stalwart enthusiasts of emerging markets. It's hard to believe that the consensus a decade or so ago was that the emerging markets were terribly risky and should be avoided. Today, emerging markets, and ancillary asset classes like commodities, have become the cornerstone of most investment strategies.

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Is Buy and Hold Dead?

If one searches in Google for "Does buy-and-hold work?", more than 191 million results will appear. If one searches for "Is buy-and-hold dead?", more than 81 million results will appear. However, if one searches for "successful buy-and-hold strategies", only about 9 million results will appear. It's pretty clear that the investing world believes that buy-and-hold strategies are basically dead and gone.


Is the consensus correct, and are buy-and-hold strategies truly dead? the answer, if you ask us, is a definative no. Buy-and-hold is very much alive and well.

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