China vs. Brazil

Investors are increasingly looking outside developed countries for investment opportunities, but it’s important to remember that not all Emerging Market countries are the same. In this report, we compare the opportunities in China & Brazil.

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Charts for the Beach

It’s time for our annual August report, “Charts for the Beach.” Each year we highlight five of our favorite charts we think consensus is currently overlooking.

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Bubble? 5 for 5.

In this report, we examine the 5 characteristics of a financial bubble and examine them in relation to today’s markets.

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RBA Special Report: The Fed’s lagging policy and inflation

RBA analyzes how the Fed's current lagging policy, coupled with today's market environment, may impact inflation.

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Momentum investors will be buying energy and materials in a year

The global economy is changing, yet many investors seem to have static portfolios. RBA explains why we believe the current shift in market leadership will last longer than investors are expecting.

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The definition of "capital preservation" is changing

RBA analyzes which asset classes historically outperformed in an environment of changing inflation, interest rates, and nominal growth backdrop and examines what a "capital preservation" strategy could mean for the next decade.

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Boomer knows best

RBA explores the importance of investing for a long time horizon and analyzes which investment opportunities tend to outperform over the long term.

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Inflation: the game has shifted from limbo to hurdles

With very low inflation expectations for this year, Rich analyzes the shifts in the global and US economies that could impact inflation and explains how to position your portfolio for this change.

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