The definition of "capital preservation" is changing

RBA analyzes which asset classes historically outperformed in an environment of changing inflation, interest rates, and nominal growth backdrop and examines what a "capital preservation" strategy could mean for the next decade.

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Boomer knows best

RBA explores the importance of investing for a long time horizon and analyzes which investment opportunities tend to outperform over the long term.

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Inflation: the game has shifted from limbo to hurdles

With very low inflation expectations for this year, Rich analyzes the shifts in the global and US economies that could impact inflation and explains how to position your portfolio for this change.

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2021: Embrace the profits cycle

Read our year-ahead report to learn how this shift could lead to investment opportunities in 2021 and to understand RBA's positioning.

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Will growth investors have the nerve to be contrarian?

In our latest report, Rich revisits the "Earnings Expectations Life Cycle" from the perspective of growth versus value investors and outlines why growth investors need to be contrarians in 2021.

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RBA Special Report - Post-election Bulletin #1: The morning after

Read our update on the election.

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"Innovation" and "Disruption" are "BS"

With massive flows to Tech and VC, investors should be wary of investing in "innovation" or "disruption". It’s profits not hype that ultimately determine equity returns.

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Vaccine Dreams?

There’s plenty of investor optimism surrounding vaccines but portfolios need to allow for potential disappointment.

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